Cladder is a one-minute online puzzle game in which players attempt to decipher ten words based on clues.

Each player has 60 seconds to solve all ten clues. To get the answer, you'll be given a three or four letter starter word and a hint that requires you to change one letter from the previous word.
For example, if your starting word is CASH and the hint says "to run quickly," you must replace the C with a D to form the word DASH.
To solve the next clue, swap a letter from the word DASH; for example, if the hint says "a plate of food," swap the A for an I to make the word DISH - and so on until you've solved all ten clues.
There are no penalties for incorrect answers, and if you wait long enough because you're stuck, Cladder will highlight the letter that needs to be changed. However, because you're on a tight schedule, you don't want to waste too much time waiting.

You have one skip option if you're completely stuck and have no idea how to proceed, but it costs you five seconds of your 60-second time limit.
Similar to Wordle, there is only one new Cladder every day; however, if one Cladder a day isn't enough for you, there is good news: you can play the entire archive of past Cladder puzzles if you so desire.
Simply click on the archive option, which is located beneath the play button, to be taken to a numbered grid that represents all previous days of Cladder games.