Zhuzhou Kimberly Cemented Carbide Company (abbreviated as Kimberly Carbide) is located in Zhuzhou city, where is the largest carbide gathering place in the world.
Kimberly Carbide was rated as 鈥淐hina national high-tech enterprise鈥?in 2019 and 鈥淐hina new material enterprise鈥?in 2021 for its production, R&D, designing, integrated solution of carbide.
Kimberly carbide has the most advanced production line including sloping ball mill锛宻pray dry tower锛孴PA automatic press锛孒IP sintering furnace.
Kimberly Carbide has gotten ISO 9001,ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certificates.

KB has PS21 pre-production test system, and full quality control and analysis instruments. It has more than 300 quality control parameters and 9 procedures and steps of quality control.
Kimberly Carbide team is formed by the persons who have doctor鈥檚 degree or more than 20 years experience in carbide. Till May of 2022, it has gotten 6 utility model patents, 3 invention patents and 1 authorized invention patent.
The high pressure carbide buttons for DHT Bits, and super coarse grain carbide inserts for Roadheader picks made by Kimberly Carbide are praised by the well-known customers for the excellent quality and performance. Our customers include: China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Huaneng group, Shanxi Coking Coal group, Jizhong Energy Resources Company limited, SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Kimberly carbide focus on Mining銆乪xcavating銆乧onstruction carbide tools, we promise the best quality and service, quick responds and reasonable price to our customers all over the world.  
KB newest video in YouTube is:Titanium Carbide