starting of the brand new 12 months Animal Crossing Items in Korean culture. The crimson envelope additionally fits the festive crimson wrapping paper many humans use to present every different cash all through Lunar New Year. Both gadgets are hence most of the few fortunate gadgets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and are the most effective ones that permit gamers to apply cash as a present.

The Bokjumeoni fortunate pouch and the fortunate crimson envelope can wrap up Bells as presents for villagers. Usually, villagers might.

reject this, however due to Lunar New Year festivities, they view the existing as a type offering.The Lunar New Year ornament LOLGA.COM unluckily comes with out a unique residences of its very own besides for its cool layout. Nevertheless, all 3 gadgets are really well worth getting for his or her exclusivity by myself. The Bokjumeoni fortunate pouch, the fortunate crimson envelope, and the Lunar New Year ornament all depart the shop on February 6, so gamers thinking about buying them have to ensure to achieve this earlier than then.