High head submersible sewage pumps is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells and mines, and low flow high head submersible sewage pumps can be used for gold mines, silver mines, iron mines, coal mines, and construction site drainage. (The flow rate can reach 50 tons per hour, and the lift can reach 1500 meters).
1. The submerged sludge pump is thick and short in design, large in flow, high in lift, without axial force, and easy to transport. Suitable for mines.
2. Groundwater is extracted from deep wells and mines, centrifugal submersible sewage water pump can be used for gold mines, silver mines, iron mines, coal mines emergency rescue, and construction site drainage.
3. Small flow and high head dirty water sump pump: such as: 30 cubic meters, 1000 meters head, power of 140KW. It not only saves energy, but also solves the problem of difficult underground drainage, and is also suitable for drinking water in mines.
4. The motor and the dirty water pump are integrated, submerged in the water to run, no sparks, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.
5. There are no special requirements for well pipes and mines, as long as the water pipes can withstand the corresponding pressure.
6. The installation, use and maintenance of centrifugal dredge pump are convenient and simple, the floor area is small, and there is no need to build a pump room.
Submersible pump can not start the fault and troubleshooting
Main reasons: the power supply voltage is too low; A break in the circuit; The pump impeller is stuck by foreign matter; Cable breakage; Cable pressure drop is too large, cable plug damage; There is a phase impassability in the three-phase cable; The windings of the motor chamber are burned out.
Exclusion method: adjust the voltage to 342V~418V; Find out the cause of power failure, and eliminate; Disassemble the guide parts and remove debris; Replace according to the cable specification table; Use thicker cables; Replace the new plug, check the switch outlet head and cable; Overhaul the motor.Sewage Water Pump suppliers