Overview The Paper Carton Printing Machine is a printing equipment that can print the required text, patterns and other information on the surface of the carton box. Carton printing generally includes single printing, printing with slotting, gluing boxes and linkage production lines. When the printing press is working, the text and images to be printed are first made into printing plates, which are installed on the printing press, and then the printing press evenly coats the ink on the places with the text and images on the printing plate, and then transfers directly or indirectly on corrugated cardboard or carton, thereby producing an identical print replica of the printing plate. Feature 1. Fast printing speed and no noise during operation 2. The printing pattern is clear, the color is uniform, and the effect is realistic 3. Wide range of application, can be used for pattern printing of various wrapping papers 4. Low processing cost, very environmentally friendly Specification Paper Carton Printing Machine Capability Web width1200mm47.24in Speed130m/min656.2ft/min Reel diameter for shaftless winder1020mm40.16in Reel diameter for shafted winder1020mm40.16in Printing Number of colours44 Print width1160mm37.80in Print cylinder repeat300 to 800mm32.3 to 44.1in Dimensions & weight Length7.3m31.8ft Width2.4m10.5ft Height3.3m10.5ft Weight Power Maximum power23kw Voltage380v Frequency50Hz Application Dairy products Fresh food Dryfood&snacks Frozen&chilledfood Pet food Beverages Beers,wine&spirit Juices&softdrinks Water Personalcare Healthcare Cosmetics&fragrances Pharma Home&office Toys&games DIY&tools Electronics&appliances Household&laundry Decoration Industrial&transit Automotivepackaging Building&construction Chemicalsgoods About us WHT CHOOSE USnewest Paper Printing Machine website:http://www.flexographicprintingpress.com/flexographic-printer/paper-printing-machine/