Our History
Welcome to Flavic Tools & Equipment INC.We are provding worldwide with the broadest selection of Hand Tools,Power tools, Air Tools and everything related to tools and equipment. As one of the leding compa nies in China of sourcing, developing,manufacturing and packing, we have the confidence to fit your needs no matter what you want about tools and equipment.
Since we have founded ,we are doing our best to provide our customer with the lowest possbible prices, friendly and extremely knowledgeable customer service ,and a very diverse kind of products.
CHAMPION brand has been used since 2003 , and we have achieved great success with this brand in the past years.
Aiming at providing customers with a basket of high quality tools, we have developed a top quality level of products under our new brand, FLAVIC which combines the FLAV emanates from
FLAVUS in Latin and VIC emanates from VICTORIA, symbolizes our confidence to acheve the best tools and equipment trading company in China.
Product Application
The product is suitable for professional users or DIY users , and provide OEM service.
Production Market
We are committed export our product to the whole world , main maket are from North America and Europe. China Battery