Healthcare websites are very crucial, and they need to be well-packaged with crisp and informative content. This will help you improve your presence on the internet and stand out from the competitors.

As a website design company in delhi, we believe that the healthcare site should have credibility, interactive design, and impactful content.

So, to help you with your healthcare website, we are here with the list of 8 key elements that every healthcare website should have.

  1. Impactful homepage with clean design:

The homepage is the face of a website, if that page is crisp, clear, and clean, then the visitors will take the action and move ahead.

Your homepage is very important to improve the credibility of the business. Your business is all about health and after the Pandemic people are conscious, taking constant efforts to stay fit and healthy.

This awareness makes people choose the right center to diagnose or go for therapies. And if your homepage is not convincing and feels vague, then there are chances visitors will bounce back.

Thus, get your homepage compelled with the right images, crisp content, and strong CTAs.

2. Engaging and informative videos:

Videos are essential to explain more about the business and service you provide. Not just because videos are engaging, but because messages are clearly conveyed. It’s an era, where video marketing is in the boom, and having a min or two long videos can boost conversion rates and generate leads.

Since videos are heavy files, which can affect the website speed and performance, you can choose to embed a Youtube link with a thumbnail, and not directly insert it into the site.

3. Optimize website speed and performance:

Your website speed and performance matter. A less loading speed time can reduce the more number bounce rate.

Today, no target audience waits for more than three seconds to load your website. If you fail to do so, they jump to other competitors’ websites. Thus, it’s important to always maintain less loading time and high performance.

But how you can optimize the website speed and performance?

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