We have always been considered an excellent material for outerwear. The leather trigger has several advantages - it holds heat perfectly, and breaths emphasize your style.

A jacket or leather raincoat can be worn both in the rain and in the snow. A huge selection of female kosukh allows you to choose a model that will be perfect for a certain style.

Now about choosing a style. Last season, Spring-Pluto was dominated by sports-style jackets and shortened models. The main colors for leather products of this season are plain neutral and white, which never goes out of fashion, and black.

Henski Auversis  perfectly combine with straight trousers and a midi skirt in a fifth -shengs.

Family leather women's jackets They combine well with medium-length skirts. If you prefer a short leather jacket, then the pants will be perfectly combined with it.

May the jacket, consider right away that you will wear under it. After all, only certain things are suitable for different jackets.

Choose a color scheme under your wardrobe so that there is no contrast with the rest of the clothes. Various accessories, for example, a bag made in the same style are perfect for leather products.

what should be paid attention to when choosing a leather
When buying, first of all, the jacket must be tried on. If she slides back, creates a feeling of “heaviness in the shoulders”, then it is incorrectly sewn, with a violation of technology.

The seams need to be inspected not only on the jacket itself but also on the tab. Pay attention to the accessories of a leather jacket. Lightning should easily slide, without effort, and the buttons are easy to open and close.

The size of the jacket
The most important thing is observing all the proportions of the body and growth. Most models of leather jackets are made for medium sizes. Two similar products can look completely different on two girls of the same size. Someone may not have enough growth, and the jacket will be too long. Thus, the effect is lost.

It is better to try on clothes of various brands until you find the same one. When trying on, you need to remember that leather products are not worn with voluminous sweaters or cardigans. It is better to take a down jacket or coat for such clothes. The main thing is to observe the balance. The jacket should not crack when it is a light sweater under it.

A good leather jacket looks if the waist is indicated a couple of centimeters below the usual level of location. When buying a short jacket, you need to remember that its edge should end higher by 2 cm from your waist. A leather coat or cloak, you can choose without observing the proportions of the waist.
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