Traveling to exotic destinations and spending time on vacations have been important segments of an individual’s life. People tend to relax from their daily stressful chores and thus want to escape to the woods and mountains for a peaceful time. African Safaris are the best way to get rid of the daily 9-5 hangover and present a majestic experience to cherish in the future. Individuals can search for the different packages and tours available with different travel operators for Tanzania Safari Tours within a budget.

How is Serengeti different from Maasai Mara for an African Safari?

Serengeti spreads out over a distance of 5,600 square miles of lush savanna and beautiful locations in between. It is the world’s largest national park and checking out the most pristine locations can take around 3-5 days to complete. Serengeti is famous for its wide wildlands and gets its name from the local Maasai word Siringet which means sprawling or large. Many exotic animals and birds are found in this area and are bordered by the Grumeti river that joins into the western part.

Maasai Mara is much smaller in measure than Serengeti and covers only 590 square miles of terrain. The Maasai is the location for the greatest Wildebeest migration and travelers flock during every season to catch a glimpse of the majestic beasts. Lions, foxes, leopards, and elephants are common here with a few varieties of gazelles and antelopes. Food is adequate in these regions making them home to a large number of beasts. During pick seasons, Maasai Mara may look jam-packed with travelers and people visiting in numbers. No matter what, animals are available in plenty in these locations and individuals are surely going to cherish the memories over time to come.


Thus, it is evident that going for a Tanzania Luxury Safari at Serengeti or Maasai Mara can both be fruitful for seeing nature at a close range. Individuals can certainly experience a level of energy and a mental boost on visiting these savanna wildlands with their close ones.