Are you thinking of buying and storing physical gold bullion in a secure offshore location? Are you looking for a secure storage solution for confidential documents? In either case, and many safety deposit boxes for sale others, a secure offshore safe deposit facility is a useful asset to any freedom-oriented individual.


The good news is that most Austrian offshore banks or Swiss banks will be happy to rent you a safe deposit box, regardless of your passport. The bad news is that you need your passport! The famed Austrian and Swiss anonymous numbered bank accounts now only exist in the movies. Swiss banks usually want you to have an account from which they will deduct the annual box rental fee. Costs start at around 65 euro ($90) per year for a small box.


Just about every bank in Austria or Switzerland also sells gold bullion coins. Purchases up to around CHF 25,000 do not require ID in Swiss banks. Consider buying gold coins like the Austrian 'Philharmonic' a one ounce Austrian gold coin, similar to the American Eagle, Krugerrand or Maple Leaf.


Austrian and Swiss law prohibits banks from opening your safe deposit box unless they are sure you are dead! Austria is one of the only countries in the world with this protection. I have been in Safety Deposit vaults in France and the USA where it seems half the boxes have stick-on government seals on them due to tax investigations, lawsuits, or creditor claims. Those seals mean that the owner can't get into his box, and it is scheduled to be drilled open for inspection if the owner doesn't show up for an appointment with "the authorities." When choosing a location for your safety deposit boxes for sale, be sure you consider these details as it could make a huge impact on your entire asset protection strategy.