RF Cable Assemblies are one type of cable assembly system. It is a practical solution for various industries that involve PC boards connecting with antennas or equipment that transmit using Radio Frequency(RF) signals. Cable assembly is a process used by manufacturers to bring together, or structure a range of cable connectors. It is overmolded in multi-conductor assemblies, using coaxial or Radio frequency, wire, and cable harnesses along with flat ribbon or custom electro-mechanical equipment.

On the other hand, Custom Molded Harsh Environment Cable Assembly are of a different type. In the case of molded cables, they are made by injecting heated molten material into the mold cavity. Mechanically, the mold is attached to the connector to make it into a single part.

RF Cable Assemblies 

RF Cable Assemblies are often called coaxial cables also. These are used for carrying radio frequency signals from the PC board to any equipment. Connectors can be used to connect cables so that devices and thereby shield the cables. These are special types of electrical cables which are used as inner conductors. They are surrounded by concentric conducting shields and will also have a dielectric material that separates them. An outer protective layer, sheath, or jacket is used to protect these layers. RF cable assembly manufacturers are omnipresent. Addressing the needs of modern day customers, these companies have successfully established a pan-India presence. If you are looking for complete RF solutions for environments that use superior signals and are in the high-frequency, then reputed manufacturers should be your choice. Choose from ultra-microminiature to the largest RF connectors. Many manufacturers are able to customize your RF cable solution. It has the expertise to develop custom cable assembly solutions that ensure great performance and high reliability. 

Custom Molded Harsh Environment Cable Assembly

Custom Molded Harsh Environment Cable Assembly are created to match the end needs of the client or customized for the environment in which it shall be used. These cables are used in harsh environments. Manufacturers have designed molded wire gang parts by including high temperature material which will withstand the soldering wave and reflow process for easy assembly of the wires. The purpose of using harsh environment cables is that there is reliable cable performance in critical industries like aerospace, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, or marine industry. These specialized cables are nickel plated or copper plated and even silver plated, aligned for every industrial use. They are resistant to water seepage as well since they are made of water-blocking compounds, along with water tight connectors. Average technical specifications of harsh environment cable have 40 AWG – 500 MCM gauge, between temperatures of -75 degree centigrade to +250 degree centigrade.

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