Choosing the right lens for your eyeglass frames is not an easy task. Manufacturers offer an endless choice of tints, coatings, coatings, and designs. This can make choosing the right lens an intimidating process. This blog will help you find the right lens for your eyeglasses.


Progressive Bifocals

If you wear glasses, then you must have heard about progressive bifocals. They are designed to help people with presbyopia, an age-related condition where the eye loses its ability to focus on near objects. This type of lens has two different focal points – one for distance vision and another for reading.


Single Vision Lenses

There are several types of eyeglasses available in the market today. These include single vision lenses, progressive bifocals, trifocals, and varifocals. Each of these types of lenses has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss each of them briefly here.


Single vision eyeglass lenses are also known as monovision lenses. They are used by people who need only one pair of glasses. They are usually prescribed when there is a problem with the eyesight.

Progressive bifocals are a combination of both single vision and bifocal lenses. They are used when a person needs to see clearly at both far and close distances.


Trifocals are similar to progressive bifocals except that they have three separate lenses instead of two. Trifocals are mostly used by older adults because they are difficult to use.


Varilux Plus

Varilux Plus and Varilux progressives are the two popular choices among the eyeglass lens options. Both of them provide clear vision at near and far distances. However, Varilux plus provides better clarity than Varilux progressives.

Varilux plus is an ideal choice for those who wear contact lenses. It helps in reducing eye strain while wearing contacts.

Varilux progressives are suitable for those who do not wear contact lenses. They help in providing clear vision at near and distant distances.



Varilux Plus is a progressive multifocal lens (PML) with a bifocal design. This means that it has two different focal points – one for distance vision and another for reading.

Varilux progresses are also known as varifocals. These lenses are designed to correct both near and far vision.



If you wear glasses, then you probably know how difficult it is to transition between lenses. You need to take off your old ones, put on new ones, and adjust to the new prescription.



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