1) Puppeteer
Puppet is the most popular DevOps tool. It enables the rapid and frequent delivery and release of technological changes. It has versioning, automated testing, and continuous delivery capabilities. It allows you to manage your entire infrastructure as code without growing your team.


  • Context-aware reporting in real time.
  • Modeling and management of the entire environment
  • Infrastructure is defined and constantly enforced.
  • Detection and resolution of desired state conflicts
  • It inspects and reports on packages that are running throughout the infrastructure.
  • It eliminates the need for manual labour in the software delivery process.
  • It enables the developer to deliver high-quality software quickly.

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2) Possibility
Ansible is a popular DevOps tool. Ansible is a free and open-source IT engine for automating application deployment, cloud provisioning, intra-service orchestration, and other IT tools. It enables DevOps teams to scale automation and increase productivity.
Ansible is simple to set up because it does not require any agents or custom security infrastructure on the client side, and it works by pushing modules to clients. These modules are run locally on the client side, and the results are sent back to the Ansible server.


  • It is simple to use for open source application deployment.
  • It aids in the reduction of complexity in the software development process.
  • It eliminates tedious tasks.
  • It manages complex deployments and accelerates development.