Customizing Redmine with powerful dashboard plugins can transform how your team manages projects. Here are five standout custom dashboard plugins compatible with Redmine that can optimize your project management workflow: 

  • Redmine Dashboard Widgets: Tailor your project insights with customizable widgets showcasing task lists, project timelines, and resource allocations. This plugin centralizes critical project data for efficient monitoring and decision-making. 
  • Easy Redmine Dashboards: Simplify dashboard creation with intuitive drag-and-drop features. Customize dashboards to display project progress, team workload, and budget tracking, ensuring clarity and alignment across your projects. 
  • Redmine CRM Plugin: Enhance client relationship management with a dedicated CRM dashboard. Track leads, manage sales pipelines, and streamline customer support activities within Redmine, fostering better client engagement and satisfaction. 
  • Redmine Agile Plugin: Agile teams benefit from dedicated agile boards, burndown charts, and sprint planning tools. This plugin facilitates agile project management by visualizing sprint progress, team velocity, and backlog prioritization directly on your Redmine dashboard. 
  • Redmine Reporting Plugin: Generate insightful reports with ease using Redmine custom dashboard plugin robust reporting capabilities. From project status summaries to detailed time tracking analyses, it empowers teams with actionable insights for strategic decision-making. 

By integrating these custom dashboard Redmine plugins into your Redmine environment, you equip your team with tools to enhance project transparency, collaboration, and efficiency. Whether you manage agile projects, customer interactions, or detailed reporting, these plugins offer the flexibility and functionality to support your unique project management needs effectively.