When it comes to saving the environment, Tote bags are perfect; you know they can save thousands of plastic bags from being used by people. These bags are not only eco-friendly but also affordable when it comes to the marketing budget. The bags have become quite the latest accessory due to their simple design and usage.

The tote bags can be easily customized to present your business. Custom tote bags can be easily used for events or on any occasion. If you are a business that runs a lot of events, totes are the best way to gift special products to guests to take home. By providing custom tote bags at your event, they can be convenient for the guests to keep the stuff inside and carry easily throughout the event. They can put a great impression on people and a way to increase business visibility.

Confused about how to buy and design custom tote bags? No need to worry because in this guide, you are going to learn how to design them for your next big event, so let’s go.

The Guide

When purchasing a tote bag, you must keep the following things in mind.


Material is one of the most crucial things to consider when choosing custom tote bags for your event. Non-woven polypropylene is one of the most popular choices because of is lightweight, durable, and reasonable.

There are other options, too, that include canvas and cotton. Every material has its benefits. The non-woven ones are great for events like trade shows because of their lightweight. The canvas tote bags are good for carrying groceries.


Size is another crucial factor to look for. Buy a bag that is of a perfect size, not too big or not too small. Small ones are good for carrying your daily essentials, while the big ones carry everything you need for the day out.

If promoting a new range of products, you should choose a big tote bag so all the products can fit in.


To buy tote bags for the event, you must consider the cost. Tote bags are affordable but when it comes to custom tote bags, be sure to choose budget-friendly ones. Make sure to buy from a manufacturer that also offers a warranty on the bags.


Tote bags come in different designs. Some come with a long handle, and some with a short one. It’s important to consider what kind of event you are running and whether it will be convenient for the guests to carry them easily.

If it’s a big event and for a whole day, you need to buy the ones with a long handle; if you are offering any promotional products, you can choose the small ones for the particular product.

Now that you have learned what kind of things needs to be considered while buying tote bags, it’s time to know more about how to design a custom tote bag for an event.

Purpose of Tote Bag

You first need to create an objective; giving promotional products to customers is useless until you have a reason to do so. There can be several reasons you are planning to do such as to increase brand awareness, sales, or conversion rates. Select the one that fits your business.

To make people aware of the brand, free tote bags are good to give during an event. They are inexpensive compared to other promotional items.

Custom Printed Bags

Take your time choosing the supplier, don’t rush without getting to know about the best ones in the market. Through this, you can get an idea of how long it will take for the tote bags to be made.

Do not select cheap custom tote bags to save money. Don’t compromise on quality, as it also highlights your brand to people and what quality standards your business is following.


You need to set a budget for organizing an event and plan custom tote bags. Decide with the team about the limit you have for purchasing wholesale tote bags. If you don’t have a design team available in-house, you need to hire one to design the tote bags.


It’s time for you to show your creativity. The bag will be in the limelight during your event. No one likes to use ugly items, even if they are free. Meet with the design team designing your bags and create an eye-catching design.

You can go with the patterns and choose vibrant colors that align perfectly with your brand’s logo. Create multiple drafts and select the one that suits the best. After this, you need to do the final editing.

If the goal is to increase sales, then add a call-to-action that will encourage people to purchase from the brand. Add the contact details, an email id, contact no, or address. Details should be written in bold and clearly.

Select style

As mentioned above, tote bags come in different shapes and sizes, each having another function. If you are not targeting any particular group of audience, then choose the one with a simple style that suits everyone.

Medium-sized with a pocket can be the best choice. Again, make sure that they are of exceptional quality. Do not make your brand look bad by choosing the cheapest quality bags.

Order your Tote Bags

Now that you have decided on everything related to your bags, you can buy them. Work with the supplier. Order the bags in bulk amounts as it will be less costly. Store a few tote bags for your next event in a clean and dry place to avoid damage.


These are the few things that you need to do to create amazing personalized tote bags. They work best as promotional items in an event. For choosing the tote bags for your next, consider the type of event, budget, and goal you want to achieve.