Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise that also offers great views of nature. It's a great activity for families, couples, singles, and groups.

If you've ever been on a boat, then you know how relaxing it feels when you're out on the open waters. And while you might not think of yourself as a boater, you probably do spend some time on the water. Whether you're sailing, fishing, swimming, or just enjoying the scenery, being out on the sea has its own special kind of beauty.


"The sea is like a great big mirror." - John Steinbeck 


"I love the sea because it's so vast and mysterious." - Ernest Hemingway


"The sea is my home; I am at peace with myself here." - Henry David Thoreau


"Kayaking is an art form. It takes years to master." - David Pritchard


"I love kayaking because it allows me to escape into nature and feel free." - John Muir


"If I had my life to live over again, I'd spend more time at the beach." - Mark Twain


"Kayaking is one of those things that makes you feel so good inside, even though you're not doing anything special." - David Letterman


"You don't have to go far to find adventure; sometimes it's just around the corner." - Unknown


"I love kayaking because I'm free. It's my own personal freedom. I can do what I want when I want. I can paddle where I want. I can stop whenever I want. And I can go as fast as I want." - Steve Fossett



The refreshing sea breeze will make you feel invigorated, and the beautiful sunsets will fill your heart with joy. A vacation to the beach can be a great way to get away from the busyness of everyday life, and Kayak on the sea quotes can help you get in the mood for your adventure.