One of the features of eSports betting is that there is no draw here. At the end of the game, one or the other team will celebrate the victory. Such regulation is great for betting at bookmakers rating since bettors must give preference to one of the rivals, which greatly simplifies the analysis.

Legal bookmakers: Marathon, 1xBet, Parimatch, and Betsy also offer eSports bets. In the line they are represented by the following types:

Outcome bets.
Handicap/handicap betting.
Total bets.
Since bookmakers have not yet fully comprehended e-sports, they are afraid to accept large sums for certain tournaments, trying to accept bets only on the most famous and prestigious computer game competitions. This is the only disadvantage of this sport. Otherwise, a knowledgeable player has many options for earning money, the main thing is not to be lazy.

Bets on the outcome
Depending on the computer game that bookmakers accept bets on - Dota 2 or CS: GO, bettors are invited to determine the winner of the match. The game will be held according to generally accepted rules, until victory in a certain number of games. Each computer game has its favorites - teams that have proven themselves to be real gurus. The odds for these teams to win are quite low. However, now bookmakers allow you to combine these teams into accumulators, which in itself promises a good win for bettors.

However, one should be careful with such rates. The fact is that there are already rumors about match-fixing in esports, especially in minor tournaments where the favorites play carelessly, since few rating points are awarded for victories in such competitions, and the prize money is rather weak. Therefore, it is better to combine the wins of the favorites into accumulators at major tournaments, where they will play at full strength.

Handicap/handicap betting
Depending on the format of the game - Dota 2 or Counter-Strike, bettors are offered a handicap by cards or a handicap by rounds. That is, if one team is head and shoulders above the opponent, then it is advisable to bet on the handicap. A plus handicap in esports is a bad choice, as there are too many factors taken into account when calculating points. Although, if a team shows good results in Dota 2, you can try to play its positive card handicap. However, in this case, we would recommend playing a clear win for an outsider, since if you win on one map, the chances of winning the match increase dramatically, and the high odds set before the match can be blocked during the game. Although, this approach is closer to the section on eSports betting strategies.

Total betting Eurat bookmakers rating
Similar to the previous type of bets, the total for eSports is set taking into account the features of a computer game. For example, bookmakers do not offer a total in Dota 2, since the match lasts until the victory on two maps, respectively, the handicap on the cards already implies the total. But in Counter-Strike, bookmakers offer total rounds, so bettors can predict whether it will be more or less than the declared ones. In principle, such bets are within the power of those who are well versed in eSports, since here even a change of one team player can lead to not only a poor performance of the entire team but even a defeat.