Ornamental sunflowers are becoming increasingly popular for landscaping, gardening and floral arrangements. With the right cultivation techniques, sunflower farming can be a profitable business venture. Proper seed selection, soil preparation, pest management and harvesting methods are key to successful ornamental Helianthus production.

Seed Selection

When starting a Ornamental Sunflower farm for ornamental purposes, selecting the right hybrid seeds is important. Look for dwarf varieties that will grow 3-5 feet tall and have large colorful blooms. Popular hybrids include ‘Pacino’, ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘Velvet Queen’. Avoid tall, large seeded varieties meant for oil or birdseed production as they may not hold up structurally for ornamental uses. Order seeds early from reliable suppliers to ensure availability of desired varieties.

Soil Preparation

Sunflowers thrive in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil with a pH between 6-7.5. Incorporate 3-4 inches of organic matter like compost or well-rotted manure into the top 8 inches of soil a few weeks before planting. This will improve moisture retention and provide essential minerals. Soil testing helps determine any amendments needed to optimize fertility. Apply lime if the soil is acidic.

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