FMI's forecast indicates a robust trajectory for the global marine cranes market, with an anticipated surge to a valuation exceeding USD 7,945.2 million by 2032, marking a substantial increase from its 2022 figure of USD 3,868.2 million. This remarkable growth is driven by a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.5% over the forecast period.

Marine cranes, renowned for their versatility and efficiency, play a pivotal role within the maritime and offshore sectors. They excel in a multitude of tasks, from precise material handling to facilitating seamless horizontal movements, equipped with hoist ropes, wire ropes, or chains, alongside sheaves. Their adaptability allows seamless integration into diverse maritime environments, whether on cargo vessels navigating global oceans or offshore platforms engaged in resource extraction.

Beyond their singular functions, marine cranes contribute significantly to operational efficiency and productivity across various sectors, encompassing activities such as cargo handling and supporting intricate offshore operations. This underscores their status as indispensable assets within maritime applications, driving operational excellence and enhancing productivity.

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Marine Cranes Market: Dynamics

Increasing oil field discoveries will fuel the need for equipment such as marine cranes and increasing merchant vessels for transporting cargo and passengers and fishing vessels may support intangible growth for the global marine crane market during the forecast period. Furthermore, robust collaboration among the private and public players are driving the global marine crane market.

Complicated design, need of trained operators and fluctuating raw material price are expected to hamper the global marine crane market during the forecast period. Furthermore, high operational risk, for instance position accuracy, suppression and collision avoidance may also hinder the global marine crane market throughout the forecast period. Moreover, curb in the production of gas and oil industries has significantly impacted the growth of this market.

New product development and technology up-gradations and governmental regimes to deteriorate regional manufacturer is gaining high traction in the global marine crane market during the forecast period.

Marine Cranes Market: Region-wise Outlook

It is expected that the Asia-Pacific is dominating in the global marine crane market owing to the high presence of shipbuilding industry and transportation particularly in South Korea, China & India. Furthermore, the rise in population and rapid urbanization that result of increasing seaborne traffic may hike the demand of the global marine crane market in this region.

Latin America is also gaining significant traction in the global marine crane market during the forecast period, increasing offshore vessels have increased the demand for offshore cranes. It is anticipated that the market performance of Latin America will be also commendable and likely to improve further in the near future.

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Marine Cranes Market: Key Participants

  • Anupam Industries Limited
  • DMW Marine Group, LLC
  • Kenz Figee Group
  • HEILA Cranes S.p.a.
  • Fjell Marine Service AS
  • Gulf Crane Services
  • Atlas Polar Company Limited
  • Favelle Favco Group

Key Segments of the Marine Cranes Market:

By Type:

  • Knuckle boom
  • Telescopic boom
  • Foldable boom
  • Stiff boom

By Lifting Capacity:

  • 2 tons–500 tons
  • 501 tons–15,000 tons
  • 15,001 tons–30,000 tons

By Application:

  • Oil & gas platforms
  • Workboats, research
  • Fishing vessels
  • Government & military

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