All about ESL for retailers

You have seen nowadays that all the retailers are switching to Electronic Shelf Labels for showing prices. It is an electronic display device mainly placed on the shelf edge to replace the traditional paper price label. Each electronic shelf label is connected to the merchant’s computer database through a wireless network and displays the latest price information on the items accurately and in real time.

ESL Western Australia is here to bring a revolution in retail store technology, and our smart labels are designed to increase efficiency, save time, multiply sales, and charm customers. Elabels aim to help retailers thrive with electronic pricing labels and descriptors.

There are lots of pros to the electronic shelf labeling system. They are,

  • Real-Time In-Store Display
  • Information control and standardization
  • display of advertisements and promotions, and it is also time-saving.
  • Traceability, customer satisfaction, and customer experience
  • Inventory management
  • Perishability management

Electronic shelving is used all over Australia, and ESL New South Wales price tags use electronic paper or liquid crystal paper to display information on a screen. Through the local network, electronic shelf price tags can easily update the price whenever necessary.

ESL are also used in retail environments to display information about products and are usually slotted into a data strip or a shelf baker. ESL is the way of the future for retailers and warehouses as it enables,

  • saving time and costs, as there is no need to print and place shelf labels.
  • One of the best ways to create smart advertising opportunities is by utilizing an automated and digital system.
  • Shopping navigation for consumers using our custom-built mobile apps
  • Consumer interaction via QR codes and through the mobile app

ESL  Victoria is used by many retailers as it is a highly populated city in Melbourne. ESL is used in the industry sector as it is the digital version of paper labels often seen stocked in stores. Unlike paper labels, electronic shelf labels can not only automate the price and currently running promotion updates but also create a better in-store shopping experience for the customers.

Elabels is an Australian-owned company that was formed as a result of extensive research and investigation into the changing nature of retail and warehouse technology as we move into the future. Elabels' cost savings alone help pay for most systems within the first 12–18 months. Elables also come with various accessories and attachments. These accessories are designed to make the labels compatible with a variety of retail display configurations. 

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