If you follow CS: GO eSports, you've probably noticed how dashingly professional players handle the gun https://eloboss.net/csgo-coaching. An experienced gamer can take out half a team with just a pistol. How do you approach that kind of skill? In this article, we'll give you a couple of simple tips to help you win a "pistol" round.
Money matters in the first round are important mainly in terms of finances because whoever shoots more "frags" will start the next one with more money. The money you get will give your team an advantage in the next two or three rounds.

Speaking of money we advise you to spend it as much as possible. Counter-terrorists would be wise to take a demining kit and a fragmentation grenade, terrorists a smoke grenade kit, and a flash drive. You can save money for the next round, but is it worth it?

Buyer, be careful.

There are not many options on how to spend the available money. We advise using a universal set: armor and grenades (for CTs - demining set). This will give you survivability and tactical advantage. Here you need to act based on who and on which map you're going to play.

Choice of Weapon.
As your first gun for CT, it is better to choose between the P2000 and the USP-S. A mistake many players make is buying the relatively expensive Desert Eagle. Without proper experience, the choice of this gun will prove fatal: you will be taken out as soon as you empty the magazine.
Terrorists have even fewer choices. The entry-level Glock 18, with its low kill rate but high accuracy, works well at medium ranges. Advanced players can use the burst-fire mode effectively.

Consider the situation in the example of one of the most popular maps de_dust 2. The counter-terrorist team has to start the game with aggressive containment because the terrorists have the advantage of planting bombs. Flares and smoke grenades are necessary for the defending counter-terrorists bomblets. Smoke grenades thrown at ZZ will help you hold down positions at point "A" while the holders of "B" pelt their opponents in the tunnel leading out of "dark". As for tactics on the middle ground, it all depends on which side you're on.

Depending on the general tactics for the game on this map, at least one player on the CT team must control the "middle". One good position in this area could be a box in front of the gate leading to the "B", or in the area of the "mushrooms", which is convenient to defend the exit to the "middle". Tactics for attacking terrorists depend on where they decide to carry the bomb. Most importantly, don't forget to buy body armor.
The CT holding the "length" is faced with the task of exchanging or slowing down the enemy. Particularly brave ones can go to the "seven", first throwing a grenade, or guarding the "barrel" on the corner of the "length". Playing for TT, you need to break out at the "seven" if it is clear. After that, throw a flash through the texture on the "length" and then act on the situation.