Inaki Williams has been honored with a dazzling new Team of the Season (TOTS) card in FIFA Ultimate Team, coinciding with the La Liga TOTS rollout. For those looking to add this striking blue card to their lineup, we're here to guide you through the process of completing the TOTS Inaki Williams Objective.

Let's explore the steps necessary to claim this Athletic Bilbao star's upgraded item following a review of his official in-game attributes. EA Sports has introduced fresh Objectives within the FC 24 Ultimate Team, spotlighting Inaki Williams with an exclusive La Liga TOTS card.

Inaki Williams TOTS Card Overview

Inaki Williams now accompanies his sibling Nico in the TOTS roster, boasting an impressive 92-rated player card. This card is packed with remarkable attributes, featuring a blistering 99 Pace , a powerful 90 Shooting ability, proficient 84 Passing , agile 90 Dribbling , and a robust 94 Physical stat.

Additionally, the Ghanaian star is equipped with three PlayStyles+ to enhance his performance on the pitch. These include Press Proven , which showcases his defensive tenacity, Rapid , highlighting his exceptional speed, and Chip Shot , indicating his finesse in front of the goal.

Objective Challenges and Rewards

To unlock the TOTS Inaki Williams card for your Ultimate Team, engage in a set of four distinct tasks, each with its own set of objectives and rewards:

  • Task 1: Provide assists for a total of seven goals while playing Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, such as in Rivals or Champions modes. Your efforts will net you a pack containing two rare gold players rated 80 or above and an additional 250 XP.

  • Task 2: Find the back of the net 12 times using a La Liga player within the same game modes mentioned above. Successful completion awards you with a pack of two rare gold players, each with a minimum rating of 81, along with another 250 XP.

  • Task 3: Simply participate in nine matches in Squad Battles at the Semi-Pro level or tougher competitions. This endeavor rewards you with a pack that includes two rare gold players with 81+ ratings.

  • Task 4: Achieve victory in eight matches under the same conditions as before, ensuring that your starting lineup features at least three Spanish players. Triumph in this challenge to receive a pack containing five rare gold players, each with a rating of 75 or higher.

By fulfilling all these challenges, you can enrich your team with a variety of player packs and the coveted TOTS Inaki Williams.


Are you planning to tackle the latest Team of the Season Objective? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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