Except for tents and bedding, the most common application scenarios when camping are inseparable from sitting posture. Compared with sitting directly on the wet lawn or mud, a set of comfortable camping chairs can greatly improve our happiness outdoors. Make it easier for people to sit down and enjoy nature. The following is a detailed introduction to what are the most popular camping chairs at the moment?

Camping Chairs

Folding camping chair

A folding camping chair is one of the most common and most comfortable chairs in camping activities. It is characterized by a concave sphere on the seat surface, which conforms to the shape of the human body, and has a comfortable sitting feeling and wrapping. It is usually a qualified aluminum alloy. The canvas chairs are composed of aluminum alloy brackets and Oxford cloth seat surfaces, which are easy to store and weigh about one kilogram. In the outdoors, the folding camping chair can adapt to most types of activities, whether it is chatting, eating, fishing, etc., it can adapt to the style with a sloped back.

Some folding camping chairs have high-back models, which are convenient for reclining back and are more suitable for activities that are used continuously for a long time. You can choose according to the usage scenario.

Woodgrain chair

Different from the concave ovoid shape of folding camping chairs, these large folding chairs have a flat seat surface, and high stability and the back curve is more vertical than folding camping chairs, which are suitable for sitting with higher-sized camping tables. The chair is usually larger in size, and the skeleton is stronger. The sitting feeling is relatively stiff. The advantage of sitting with a large size is that the limbs are more relaxed, and users who are taller or have stomachs are more comfortable using them.

If the weight and storage volume are not considered, this type of chair is undoubtedly the No.1 among camping chairs. It is quite good in both appearance and sitting feeling. The common khaki and hazel green colors can also be perfectly integrated into the natural environment, especially suitable for Multi-day camping and some fixed camp use.

Double camping chair

Although it is called a double camping chair, this kind of chair is more like a double sofa, which is suitable for couples or camping activities with a large number of people. Many campers also call it a "sofa chair". This chair itself originated from the design of some RV camping in North America. The original intention is to arrange a small environment similar to the living room at home around the campfire outside the RV. The double chair is very spacious and extremely comfortable.

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