Using the basic computer version, the user can look at more information, the interface is convenient and clear, and the font allows even running your eyes over the text to grasp its meaning. The case with the mobile version is quite different from that of the computer version. Sometimes the text is not readable, and it is not always convenient to control the functionality, because you have to click with your finger instead of your mouse, and it is sometimes several times wider than the button. All of these details are taken into account by competent developers at the stage of resource creation so that the user does not feel disadvantaged when using the mobile version of the resource.

It's probably one of the most popular marketplaces in our country, where you can buy everything from detergents to a set of dishes. The desktop version has a restrained and clear design, and the mobile version is not inferior in convenience and simplicity. And this is even though the site just a myriad of information and products. However, the user will not experience difficulties with navigation and even the most inexperienced user can quickly navigate.

On the main page there are only the most important blocks: navigation, recent search queries, advertising, as well as a line to search for a product. If you scroll down the page a bit, you can see important information blocks, including reviews, a blog, and a list of recommendations.

It's noteworthy that this marketplace site allows you to scroll not only the traditional way, down, but also sideways. If you scroll down the page, a list of categories opens, and scrolling to the right or left, you can see the product in this category, while the user will not leave the home page.

Particular attention should be paid to the design of product offers and on mobile website cost . You can choose its color, characteristics, sort, and filter. Below you can see a list of favorable offers. It's noteworthy that the color scheme was used in such a way that the buyer will lean in favor of making a purchase, as this button is highlighted in red. The filtering and sorting buttons, on the other hand, are gray, attracting little attention.

Marketplace allows users to study a large number of products, accordingly, a huge series of transitions is formed. On this basis, the developers have created the most user-friendly interface, which allows you to quickly find the desired product, using the set of parameters, as well as select the best price for the product and the seller who offers it.

From all of the above, we can highlight several fundamentally important advantages that everyone should take note of:

Marketplace does not leave the buyer alone with his problems. It helps him to make the right choice, shows advertising of other products, and seduces him with the help of verified marketing "chips", including promotions and discounts. It's noteworthy that for secondary information, the user has to "scroll" to the end of the page. And directly on going to it, he sees only what he needs in the first place. And that's a win-win.
Using a minimalistic and concise design - is a good solution. Based on the fact that the resource itself is simply overloaded with offers and products, it would be a mistake to use an intrusive design. Harmonious shades and neat decor are stylish and effective solution that does not distract from shopping.
The ability to scroll both down and sideways, allowing you to quickly move between a large number of categories.