Intimate sex as we talk about is not a science to understand but more about the immense pleasure to feel. People quite often practice sex but are very unclear from the idea of a highly intimate sex. Intimacy is the essence of doing sex in a more thrill and sensual way.

Intimacy as particular it sound can be very different for different individuals. The thing that matters the most is how much a person gets involved at the time and the essence of rejuvenation one experiences after it.

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Foreplay is important


Quite often people tend to undermine the importance of foreplay and get started with the sex part directly. It’s one of the biggest mistakes as foreplay not only helps you to have a more intimate sex but even let you increase your quality time with your partner. The foreplay can as simple as kissing your partner with passion to touching and pressing their sensitive parts. It’s really important.


A Deep and Meaningful Conversation


A deep and meaningful conversation can really be a good starter as it not only helps in sexual intimacy but also in developing a sense of emotional intimacy between you and your partner. A great communication can be a great starter before indulging in any sexual act. It also eventually increases the form of trust and openness between you and your partner.



Don’t Just Switch Positions Quickly


Often times, it’s been observed that people tend to change their sex position so quickly without considering it for some time and experiencing it in a wholesome manner. One should not rush and instead try to go all in for some time and let the intimacy grow out of something.


Massaging Each Other Before Sex


Giving a sensual massage to your partner can be one of the great things to do before sex. It will help your partner to have a relaxed mind as well as body. There are enormous amount of points in our body which if pressed correctly can help in releasing the great amounts of stress. Pressure should be according to choice and preference of your partner.


Exploring the fantasies


Everyone has some sort of fantasies which they always aspire to fulfill. Though it doesn’t matter how wild or erotic your fantasies, you should try to explore them and feel a sense of pleasure. There might be people who want to go with anal sex or some with blindfolded sex. The fantasy may vary from person to person, important thing however is to communicate them to your partner and not only wander in your mind.


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