Who is Johanna Farber?

 Johanna Farber is a strong and popular Australian rock climber who has been taking part in national as well as international rock climbing events for many years now. Early on, she used to come into the limelight because of her amazing performance; however, this time, sadly, that was not the case. Let's find out what happened to her.

 The Controversy of Johanna Farber Close Up

 Well, it all started when Johanna Farber was supposed to compete in the World Championship of Rockclimbing, which was held in Russia. She was all prepared, and due to her popularity, all eyes were on her. During the run, which was going well, the camera zoomed in on her body parts and stayed there for a long time. A lot of people all over the globe were upset with such a silly and degrading move by the telecaster as well as the whole rock-climbing association. After this was aired live, it gain a lot of negative popularity as people were not expecting such kind of behavior from an international body.

 What happened next?

 In response to the outcry, Ms. Farber said on Instagram that she found the coverage "disrespectful and disturbing" and that she was "embarrassed" that so many people had seen the slow-motion footage on social media and on national television. Johanna Farber of Austria received an apology from the sport climbing organization when close-up images of her bottom were shown during the World Championships in Russia. CNN, the Austrian broadcaster of the competition had shown a close-up replay of Ms. Farber's bottom during the boulder semifinals last week. The climber has experienced inappropriate coverage of her event twice already this year; following a comparable incident in June, she pleaded with the public to "stop sexualizing women in sports and start to appreciate their performance."

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has now apologized for the photographs that were shown during today's women's Boulder semifinal at the IFSC Climbing World Championships in Moscow in 2021 to Ms. Farber and "all the participants and the whole Sport Climbing community."

The IFSC issued a statement on Saturday saying, "The IFSC condemns the objectification of the human body and will take additional steps to ensure that it stops and to safeguard the athletes."

Earlier incidents

Nearly the same thing happened at the World Cup in June, when the broadcaster, ORF, apologized for showing the athlete indecent photographs. A slow-motion segment featuring Ms. Farber's posterior that was shown by the ORF sparked outrage about the commodification of women's bodies.

Social media users were outraged by both occurrences and demanded a stop to the sexism of female athletes.

This disrespectful incident happening once more to the same athlete is very disappointing, especially at a time when more women and girls are being introduced to climbing, said Natalie Berry, a former climber, and editor-in-chief of UK Climbing.com, to Sky News.


This is all that happened in the Johanna Farber close-up controversy. Make sure to stay tuned to know many more insightful details!