Do you feel your decades older kitchen needs renovation? Over time the period of time, our needs expand and change. With the limited kitchen space, it may begin difficult to work for any homeowner. Kitchen renovation is the ultimate way to make the kitchen more space-efficient and functional. But unfortunately, homeowners make several common kitchen remodeling mistakes that prevent them from getting desired results. Let’s discuss such mistakes in detail, so you don’t repeat while working with the kitchen renovation company Rockville Centre, NY.  

  • Not utilizing the space properly (wasting the space) - The biggest problem with the older kitchen is they are not space-efficient. So, while working with a kitchen remodeling contractor, make sure you plan smartly on utilizing the kitchen space. Ensure you don’t have to walk too much while preparing the meal. Also, replace all outdated appliances with compact and updated ones to utilize the available kitchen space.
  • Oversizing islands- When you have a bigger kitchen space, having two small islands would be a better option than one bigger island. Having a kitchen installed longer than 10 feet will make it hard to walk around.
  • Making changes after renovation work begins- It is another mistake homeowners commit while working on kitchen renovation projects. Making changes after renovation work has begun will create a mess and waste your money. Whatever you expect with your kitchen renovation, share with the contractor in advance. This will also ensure the kitchen renovation work is done on time.
  • Not having enough storage space- As the family expands, their needs increases too. In that case, you will need a kitchen area with more storage space where you can stock all the necessary ingredients, crockery, and cutlery you require for preparing the meal. Dozens of storage space options are available for you, including cabinets, shelves, cabinets, and more.
  • Ignoring the lighting- While working in the kitchen, there should be enough lighting, so you can prepare the meal properly. Updating the lighting will also add an aesthetic to your kitchen space. Pay attention to installing effective lighting around your stove and countertops area where you will have to actually prepare the meal. Ideally, modern kitchen spaces have three types of lighting that include overhead lighting, task lighting to stay focused while working in the kitchen, and accent lighting for aesthetic purposes. Pendant lights would be great for illuminate prep areas. In short, consider your needs, explore different lighting options, and request the kitchen remodeler for the best lighting.
  • Not enough electrical outlets- Modern kitchen spaces have plenty of modern appliances that need electricity to function. While planning the kitchen renovation, ask your kitchen renovation contractor to install enough electrical outlets all-around the kitchen or where you want to keep your appliance.


Though there are many other mistakes people make while renovating the kitchen space, these are the most common ones that you should avoid. Take note of all these and give a call to a reputed kitchen remodeling company, Rockville Centre, NY.