Bathroom remodeling is a significant upgrade for your beloved home. But, different aspects make this a tricky subject and hence it is important that you approach this project with due care to get the best for your investment. Before getting started with your bathroom remodeling Round Rock, here are a few pro’s tips that will get you through this mission successfully.

Review your needs first
Reflect on your lifestyle and routines and decide the amenities you will need like what kind of bath tub, sink, and the storage solution you will need. Ask yourself several questions on your daily needs and storage habits. Your prime emphasis must be functionality. Also ask questions about ythe budget you can afford, how many people will be using the bathroom, what you like and do not like about your present bathroom.

Shower and tub basics
In master bathrooms, the trend is towards showers rather than bath tubs. If you have enough space, plan for a large enough walk-in shower and a bath. If you have space constraints, go for a shower /tub combo. Curtains are preferable than shower/tub combos especially when you have children. Flexible and soft curtain makes it easier to bathe children than a glass door. If you want to make your shower feel spacious, go for glass doors. Some warm finishes and nice hardware can add some elegance to glass doors. Make sure you go for the right fixtures for your shower. Thermostatic shower valve will enable you choose the perfect bathwater temperature.

Choose the right materials
Natural stone is many people’s favorite when it comes to bathroom surface. When you choose the right sealant, any natural stone can give good results in wet environment. Some trendy choices are subway tiles and zellige. Hex and penny are affordable options that are around us for so long. By placing them out of the splashing range, you can use wallpaper in a bathroom for sure. This is a great way to achieve great looks.

Prioritize storage
Most bathrooms have constraints when it comes to storage. Built-in shower niche is but compulsory. A good idea is to slot one in between the studs. You may also think of buying precast niche for tiling over. Ensure the storage you procure is spacious enough to arrange your daily shower necessities.

Two options regarding vanity would be a custom made one or a store-bought one. When you are on a budget, go for a vanity that can go well with your plumbing. A curtain and a rod for hiding the mess in the cabinet can bestow a look inspired by a cottage.

Mirror cabinet, floating shelves, built-in linen closet, and towel racks and hooks will help enhance the looks depending on the amount of space you have.

Take home
The bottom line in getting your bathroom remodeling Round Rock ideas right is to accommodate your lifestyle and daily needs; reflect on how to increase the resale value, and understanding the current trends in bathroom remodeling.

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