The primary purpose of powder coating and wet paint is the same: to add color to the surface of the object. Then why should you choose powder coating over wet paint? How is powder coating a better choice? Here is why:

● Powder coating provides a more premium finish as compared to wet paint. There are no drips of color or uneven color coat, which requires fixing when an object is Powder coated.

● You pay for what you use. Unlike paint jobs, where you have to buy paint cans and often keep the leftovers, powder coating saves you money here. When getting powder coating, you can decide the quantity as per your wish; this way, there is limited to no storage needed.

● You get high durability with powder coating as compared to paint. Hence, it has little maintenance cost compared to wet paint.

● In terms of cost, the upfront cost of powder coating is more expensive than paint. But add maintenance and how frequently you need the work re-done, and powder coating becomes a cheaper option.

● Powder coating provides protective quality to the object it is applied on. These qualities are not available to the same extent as paint. Some of these qualities are :

● Protection from wear and tear.
● Protects from heat and UV rays.
● Protects the metal objects from rust. And many more.

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