In simple deployment, only two steps are required for fast wireless access point coverage. Use a hole opener to make holes in the installation position of the suspended ceiling. Connect the network cable to the device and place the device in the hole to complete the entire installation and deployment; There is no need to tighten any screws in the whole process, simplifying the difficulty of construction.


The embedded indoor AP structure can perfectly integrate into various mainstream buildings' ceiling decoration style design, especially suitable for application scenarios such as hotel rooms, high-end residential buildings, shopping malls, and office buildings. The overall installation effect is simple and beautiful, comparable to decorative ceiling spotlights.


Good coverage effect and improved user experience. Adopting a dual-channel frequency design, both 2.4G and 5G can provide simultaneous access to two spatial streams. The entire machine supports the MU-MIMO feature, improving the user experience during multi-user access.


The access point can be deployed in the wireless network of intelligent buildings, replacing the original wireless panel or ordinary placement of AP, covering a room.


Due to the hotel's large room size, the panel AP coverage may not be satisfactory. Therefore, it is considered to place the equipment above the hallway behind the room entrance and choose an embedded wireless AP.


After installation, the white equipment is basically integrated with the ceiling, and the style is relatively consistent with the surrounding embedded products. The signal coverage of the entire room is full.