In the production manner of aluminium coil sheet, fine problems are at risk of occur due to device or personnel operating mistakes. Right here, the Huamei aluminum enterprise summarizes the not unusual first-rate problems as follows. I am hoping the production branch can take note of this hassle.Oil pollutants is a not unusual nice problem: oil pollutants refers back to the excessive oil at the surface of the aluminum tip after rolling. And the excess oil other than the rolling oil film is carried, that's seen to the naked eye throughout the method of slitting production and finished product inspection. Those oils are particularly because of throwing, splashing, dripping on the floor of the field at the roll neck or above and beneath the exit of the rolling mill, abnormalities within the roll cleaner of the rolling mill, and dripping oil from the rolling mill thickness measuring head, and are often dirty and complicated.Solution: Strictly look into the production equipment earlier than aluminum coil production. If there is an excessive amount of oil in the equipment, smooth it in time and locate the cause. At the same time, easy the floor of the production product. If the product that can not be cleaned is scrapped, it must be insulated with oil. Aluminum coils are prohibited from entering the warehouse and getting into the marketplace.Scratches are frequent site visitors to fine troubles: scratches, scrapes, and bruises are intermittent or continuous unmarried groove-like scars at the floor of the insulation aluminium coil sheet. Generally, it is produced whilst sharp gadgets slide relative to the foil floor after touch.The main motives: the surface of aluminium coil sheetrollers and guide rollers have sharp defects or difficult debris; the mechanical guide rollers for shearing, winding, and slitting have sharp defects or dry particles at the manual direction. Scuffing: Bundles (or agencies) of scars disbursed on the floor of the field material due to relative sliding or misalignment between the edges and surfaces, or the surface and the floor touch.