Glass doors bring a lot of natural light and make any small place feel more open and spacious, but sometimes keeping them covered is advantageous. You can get the best window treatments NYC-wide to enhance your space even while the doors are covered.

Having blinds can make your space feel more private and protect you from the harsh heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. The garden view remains uncompromised, and you can open the blinds whenever you wish to flood the space with natural light.

So, come let us help you familiarize yourself with the 3 most popular and effective window treatments that can bring out the essence of your living quarters.

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades are the modern and one of the best window treatments NYC residents use to enjoy the backyard view without excessive layers of fabric interrupting in between.

The shades are so sleek that they practically disappear in the windows, leaving you to enjoy privacy and protection from the sun in an aesthetic way.

These shades come with a continuous cord and clutch or a cord-free lifting system. For more convenience, you can opt for a safe motorized system for both pets and kids.

Blackout roller shades are also available that facilitate complete blockage of sunlight for your darkroom requirements.

Whether you want to put your kids down for a nap, need uninterrupted sleep, or plan a movie time at your home theater, they will provide you with the perfect ambience for a pleasurable time.

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  • Vertical Shades

Vertical shades are another popular window treatment choice for glass doors because of their flexibility. It is the perfect blend of the functionality of blinds and the aesthetics of curtains.

The basic difference between vertical blinds and shades is that the shades are made of fabric attached to vinyl vanes, unlike blinds comprising vertical slats.

The shades enable you to adjust the required amount of light entering the room simply by tilting the vertical shades in either direction. They come in various ranges of opacities that you can choose as per your preference.

  • Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are your perfect choice if you are looking for solutions that enhance your energy efficiency practices while maintaining your privacy.

These shades are available in single, double, or multiple-cell constructions and can save a lot on your monthly utility budget.

You can choose the cell structure as per your windows. Here are some points that will help you choose the best shade structure for your home:

  • The single-cell design is more suitable for large and wide windows
  • Double-cell structure for medium-sized windows
  • Multi-cell structure for slim and tall windows

The note of key importance is the greater the cell structure, the better the efficiency.

Vertical honeycomb structures are also available for easier operation on glass doors.

In Conclusion…

We hope our titbits of information regarding the best window treatments NYC offers will help you in making the right choice while decorating your home.