Global business centers and amazing beaches remain at the forefront of Dubai's recognition, no doubt, the extravagant lifestyle. But to which very tourists and visitors are fascinated, its proud history as a hectic port is also one of those fascinations. As such, dhow cruise dinner is deemed to be the highly fascinating choice for a romantic evening date and to couple the old-world Dubai with its modernism, when it comes to discovering Dubai at night.

Maybe you are pondering what a dhow cruise dinner precisely is. In the Arabian Peninsula for an extremely long time, dhows are the sailing boats that have been supplying the water. Dhows are used right now as a source of tourism so that ordinary people can also experience the amazing feeling of sailing under the stars since most of the world’s ocean cargo travels through including vessels these days.

There are double choices for you when it comes to Dubai cruise dinner. One is the Dubai Creek Cruise and the second is the Dubai Marina Cruise. Both alternatives present amazing views. But, which one to choose depends on what kind of experience you would like to go all through.


You must choose the Creek if you are looking for a full Lawrence-of-Arabia experience in Dubai. By sandstone buildings, you will be flying a wooden boat through quiet canals, bordered. The area of Dubai Creek is the ancient heart of the city. Perhaps, the Creek will be a sort of serene less stunning, or exciting than other portions of the city, dhow cruise dinner, a tranquil and calm experience which is ideal for couples who need to steal moments of tenderness in the quietness. It makes a terrific backdrop for a dreamy night on the waters of Dubai, even though it is an unappreciated destination.


Dubai cruise dinner at the Marina will be ideal for you, in case you are an admirer of the city of lights. This place has the background scenery of skyscrapers, shimmering water, glittering lights, and all the glitz and glam of the city. In contrast with the Creek, the Marina is Dubai’s contemporary throbbing heart. This place is a real delight to your senses as you cruise past the five-star hotels its atmosphere can be very intoxicating, with world-renowned restaurants and yachts of the rich and legendary.


People who visit Dubai should not miss cruise dinner because cruise dinner is considered to be the most fascinating option for a romantic evening date and to couple the old-world Dubai with its modernity, this place is a pure delight to their senses as they cruise past the five-star hotels its atmosphere can be quite intoxicating, world-famous restaurants and yachts of the rich and famous.