Descubra a arte da tatuagem em nosso workshop imersivo. Aprimore suas habilidades, aprenda técnicas profissionais e obtenha uma certificação. Perfeito para tatuadores aspirantes e experientes. Participe do nosso curso abrangente e domine a arte da tatuagem.

Treinamento Para Tatuadores

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Welcome to my artistic world! I am a highly sought-after professional tattoo artist, receiving clientes from all around the globe. With over a decade of experience, I take pride in offering large-scale, realistic tattoos that stand out as true works of art on the skin.

Born and raised in Portugal, I followed my passion to the United States (NEW YORK) to share my unique style and make my mark in the tattoo industry. In addition to creating exceptional tattoos, I am also a dedicated mentor, providing tattoo courses to help fellow artists reach their full potential and grow in their careers.

My journey as a tattoo artist has been an unwavering quest for perfection and authenticity. Every stroke is carefully crafted to create distinctive pieces that reflect my artistic vision. With a focus on realism, I aim to transform skin into a living canvas where art comes to life through tattoos.

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