In this edition of Food Intelligence: Behind the Scenes, we're exploring restaurant data collection using Food delivery Intelligence services that operates diligently in the background of Food Data Scrape Growth. We're here to keep you informed about the dynamic restaurant industry across the US and the UK with weekly updates. Stay up-to-date in real-time regarding the activities within and around over 700,000 restaurants.

How does this work?

Each week's onset initiates our restaurant data scraping across our geographical datasets, covering every restaurant and dish/menu item. This comprehensive process involves documenting millions of dishes and aggregated data points concerning restaurant locations from various platforms. These encompass the primary US delivery platforms (Grubhub, Doordash, UberEats, and Postmates) and UK platforms (UberEats, Deliveroo, and JustEat). Upon completing web scraping food and restaurant data, we integrate social media data to offer insights about menus and public sentiments about restaurant locations - all in real time.

But how do we establish connections and maintain coherence across various platforms in specific locations? How do we link information between different platforms and consolidate the big picture? Even if a restaurant operates on two distinct delivery platforms, how do we bridge the gap? However, it is achievable to use food intelligence for restaurant data collection.

Enter AI prowess. Leveraging the magic of data science and our food intelligence, we decipher the intricacies. We discern the number of delivery platforms engaged for each restaurant, gather social media data profiles tied to the restaurant, and collate contact details spanning emails, LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers, and more. This aggregated data streamlines your insights, offering a comprehensive view in one place. An added perk - we employ data science to cluster chain locations under a common umbrella, spotlighting trends - but that's a tale for another post :

Tracking Changes Over Time


We further deploy aggregated restaurant data in an all-in-one format to document weekly changes. This process layers the week's data over the prior week's, spotlighting modifications across US and UK locations. By comparing current and past data, It unveils restaurants' menu additions, pricing alterations, and shifts in delivery platform partnerships. Notably, we also monitor restaurant openings and closures, perpetually unveiling new avenues for business exploration.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? No worries - we've got your back! Utilize filters to tailor your search. Adjust categories, locations, target audiences, and more to precisely hone in on what you need: a curated list of restaurants to propel your business growth—eyeing single-location Italian eateries in Los Angeles. Scouting Manchester restaurants with an Instagram presence but need delivery partners? You're covered. Are you craving insights into high-end restaurants that recently partnered with delivery platforms? It's all at your fingertips.

Mix and match to suit your preferences, save your presets for future reference, and seamlessly make data-driven choices in real-time convenience.

For further details, get in touch with Food Data Scrape now! You can also reach us for all your Food Data Aggregator and Mobile Restaurant App Scraping service needs.

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