The majority of people went binge-watching, reading, and, what's even more fascinating, listening to various types of audio, such audiobooks and podcasts, at the beginning of COVID-19, when everyone was in self-isolation.


Indeed, podcasts are now a lifeline for many individuals all over the world.


There were more than 103 million US podcast listeners during the epidemic, and by 2023, that figure is anticipated to nearly treble!


One of the most effective instruments for broadcasting, announcing, and of course, marketing is the podcast!


But how can you effectively advertise your podcast? Do it when and where? That is a lot of questions, and We will address them all in this essay. So let's get to the point and start exploring podcast marketing.


Let's begin by discussing what a podcast is (although you probably already know). A podcast is a collection of audio files with a single focus. Thus, podcast marketing is a means to promote your webisode campaign through a variety of tactics, strategies, and venues.


Why is there such a fuss over Instagram influencer podcasts marketing? Why not just upload your episodes to Apple, Spotify, or YouTube and wait for them to become well-known?


You may. But will it be equally as successful as employing an appropriate promotional strategy? No.


Your objective as a manager or business owner is to continuously raise the quality of your offering and make sure you have the widest possible customer base.


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