Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some are better than others.

Here are some top tips from an airsoft store; MiR Tactical, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. See if you can put any into practice before your next airsoft event.

Keep a Small Profile

Some of you might find this elementary, but it’s one of the most critical tips in the entire game.

Profile is how large you appear as a target to an adversary. Obviously, you want this to be as narrow as possible.

Use cover and concealment as much as possible and hug corners. Expose yourself only when necessary and even when you do, think small.

Keep your elbows and legs in; shoot non-dominant around corners on your non-dominant side.

Check Your Corners

If you stay huddled under cover or concealment for too long, you will lose track of where your opponents are.

But you don’t want to expose yourself to check the airsoft field, either. Carry a small folding mirror or a CD and use that to check corners before exposing yourself.

The bonus is you may also be able to use these as signaling devices.

Carry Less Weight

With all that airsoft gear weighing your vest down, you can probably afford to shed a few ounces elsewhere, right?

Open up your AEG, there may be chunks of metal in the grip, stock, forend, and elsewhere that you can probably take out. This will lighten your overall load, diminish your fatigue, and possibly even make you faster.

Purge Air from Your Mags

Before you load your airsoft mags, you should purge the air out. This will potentially prevent them from seizing up during a match.

Press and hold the release valve before you load the mag with gas. Hold the valve open as you begin to fill it.

This will force air out as the gas takes its place (either CO2 or green gas). It also will help prevent your mags from failing during a match.

Empty Mags After Use

After a match, good practice is to dump out all the airsoft ammo. It’s a little extra work, but it will keep your mags in better shape.

The reason we suggest doing this is because if you store your mags loads, the springs will remain compressed for a prolonged period of time.

The main thing that causes spring fatigue is compression cycles, but storing them compressed will also accelerate fatigue.

Keep Your Gun Clean

Keeping your airsoft gun clean and well-lubricated will have it shooting smoothly for longer.

Most of your gun’s internals should be routinely cleaned to remove lint and dust that will accelerate abrasion and corrosion.

After cleaning, you can lubricate most of an airsoft gun’s internals with a silicone-based lubricant that will reduce friction and protect against corrosion.

Never Use a Liquid Lubricant in Your Barrel

There is one caveat; though you should clean your airsoft’s inner barrel, never use a liquid lubricant, silicone-based or otherwise.

Liquid lubricants attract dirt and will cause wear, slow down your FPS, and adversely affect accuracy, too.

Swab your inner barrel out each time you shoot, but if you do lube it, use a dry lubricant like a PTFE (Teflon) based lubricant.

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