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Depression Counselling 

Depression in adults or teens is a serious and common medical illness generally occurring in teenagers and adults. Thus, it affects the individual physical and mental health, which leads to affecting daily routine activities,  lifestyle, and lifecycle changes. The symptoms of depression may vary from one person to another depending on factors such as gender, culture, and age. 

We provide private and confidential counselling to both men and women at Edmonton Counseling Services. We gained a presence in the market by offering top-notch counselling services to fulfil the desired outcome and improve the overall condition of an individual.

Benefits Of Depression Counselling?

  • Improves Sleep 
    Depression can affect your sleep, creating difficulty in falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night.  So, depression counselling will definitely improve your sleep, and you can sleep for 7-8 hours at night. 
  • Pain Relief
    Depression counselling allows you to feel better emotionally and reduces your pain to some extent. It is identified in research studies that people who are dealing with arthritis and migraines suffer from excessive pain and feel discomfort when they’re depressed. 
  • Improve Overall Health  
    Depression can affect physical and mental health, so getting the right treatment for depression is essential. Thus, it reduces the chances of major illness in the forthcoming future. 

How Much Does Depression Counselling Cost?

The cost of depression counselling may vary depending on different factors, including the severity of the condition and how long it takes to heal the patient from depression counselling. Also, the number of counselling sessions you will require to treat depression from the root cause. 

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