Buying a property in Spain gives the right for a few months to issue a residence permit for the whole family. And how much will it cost to take care of the object, what taxes will have to pay and what is included in the cost of housing maintenance in Spain? Answers to these questions are devoted to our today's post.

Utility bills

Most of the year in Spain is warm, the temperature is almost always plus, so heating in this country is given a different value than in Russia. In the southern regions often use portable electric heaters, rather than stationary heating systems. And gas is rarely heated here at all, using it only in cylinders - for cooking.

Payment of light and water

Payment for public services consists of a monthly fee and charges according to the meter.

Subscription fee. It is charged once a quarter. It is 15-16 euros for electricity and about the same for water. Even if you do not live in the house (the "gold" residence permit allows you to be absent from Spain at least all year round), the subscription fee will still have to pay
Payment according to the meters. The cost of 1 kWh of electricity in Spain is on average 0.157 euros. The cost of 1 cubic meter of water depends on consumption volumes. Add 16% VAT to the meter fee

Payment for gas

If you only use gas in the kitchen, one cylinder will cost 9-10 euros. It will last 1-1.5 months. If you need gas for heating your house or apartment, you will pay at least 80-100 euros per month, depending on the size.

Paying for internet/television

Usually in the Spanish companies offer a package connection Internet + landline phone. It costs 25-30 euros a month. Use of cable TV will cost 15-20 euros. You can put a satellite dish. The cost of a minimum package of channels starts at 10 euros a month.

Garbage collection

These services are usually 5-6 euros per month.

Maintenance of apartments in Spain
The apartment or apartment is cheaper than a house or villa. If you will be heated in winter and cooled in summer with air conditioning, the bill for electricity will be 80-100 euros per month. Water supply will cost much cheaper - up to 20 euros per month.

However, to these costs should be added payments to the management company for the following services:

cleaning of the common area
pool cleaning
plant watering
lawn mowing
concierge fees
gym maintenance

Maintenance of a house in Spain

The cost of the house is higher than for an apartment due to the larger housing area, the availability of utility rooms, maintenance of the territory.

Electricity bills depend on the square footage of the house and how it is heated. If the house is small and heated by gas, for electricity you will pay about 50-70 euros per month. Plus in summer time you pay 30 euros for filtration of water in the pool.
Water services with a pool will be 90-100 euros a month. If there is no pool, and you get used to saving water, you can get by with 20-25 euros

The cost of gas depends on the amount consumed and the area of the house. If you are using gas you only for cooking and heating water for showers, the bill is 20-30 euros a month. If the gas is also used to run an individual boiler, the amount will increase to 80-90 euros for houses with an area of 100 square meters.

Property taxes in Spain
Municipal tax (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles)

What gives the purchase of real estate in Spain?

When you buy from 500 thousand euros - a residence permit for the whole family under a simplified procedure. Or another great option real estate with which you can read here

A "safety airfield" on the other side of Europe in case of economic or political disturbances at home
Accommodation in your own home in Spain for any length of time
Profitable investment in holiday property with the possibility of a return in 5 years
Visa free travel within the Schengen area.
Excellent opportunities for your children to receive higher education in the EU
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