Negative reviews don’t feel good, but it’s not the end of the world, and there is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. It is often true that no press is bad press. When you receive negative reviews, ride the silver lining by recognising that you’re receiving online press in the first place. Then take it as an opportunity to keep the online conversation going and stay relevant.

Deleting unwanted or remove revenge porn from the internet means that Google doesn’t have the negative result to display in search results, so people won’t be able to find it. You can seek the service of Leak Content Removal. With our extensive monitoring service, we monitor all types of content for you across the web, including finding out who has mentioned your articles, blogs, forums, chat apps, and more. Keywords monitored can be names, company names, file names, names of your content, or anything else.

Porn removal files include downloaded files, browsing history files, cookies, and temporary internet files. Deleting porn images and videos: the basic way is done by simply selecting the porn file or files and either right-clicking the mouse or pressing the delete button. The DMCA can help you get revenge porn removed from the internet too. The DMCA takedown also helps you to detect and defend yourself against the unauthorised publication of your intimate photos.

Delete all negative content and take down photos, videos, and other content that have been shared online without your consent. Choose between our done-for-you monitoring and DMCA takedown services or learn how to DIY by engaging us as a consultant. Most of the time, negative content can be removed, but there are times when content suppression or blocking is required.

Remove Google review plays a very important role, and the Leak Content Removal team focuses on managing the reviews effectively. We stack negative reviews with pleasant ones, and we follow a unique set of strategies for different situations, such as,

  • A set of good, appropriate reviews will be put up to push the negative reviews.
  • Passive and non-arguments review responses.
  • Flagging is an in-approp good impression.


Leak Content Removal is on a mission to help protect your reputation so that you can get your life and peace of mind back. We are the first female-led leaked content monitoring and removal company that works with a caring, compassionate, and understanding team who goes the extra mile and works tirelessly to help you with your reputation management. Please visit our website at