Are you planning for the best place to visit in india for a short trip and shortlisted Mussoorie for your destination check the best time to visit Mussoorie and other things to have a pleasant journey? Mussoorie is a place that can visit year around. But there is a time when this beautiful hill station offers a beautiful climate and scenic beauty that attracts travellers the most

Mussorie also called the “queen of hills” is an easily accessible affordable and charming hill station in North india. There is no predefined best time to visit Mussorie, It is the most popular travelling spot to visit family and friends. 

If you want to see the natural beauty of Mussoorie is the destination with beautiful locations around.So,if you want to go for the best trip then you have to know what is the best time to visit Mussoorie You will find some jewels as you head to Mussoorie and a few will discover them as you reach between the lush green hills covered with a thick layer of snow in the peak seasons. But to witness the mountain with white snow you should be aware to visit Mussoorie to see snowfall. 

Best Season to visit Mussoorie

If you want to witness snowfall in Mussoorie or capture a natural view of creation, Mussoorie is an ideal destination with an unpredictable climate every time. But in Summer, monsoon, or winter Mussoorie offers a different experience and that’s why Mussoorie is called the ideal destination to visit in all seasons. If you are a travelling seeker and Mussoorie is the destination on your bucket list for this time make you plan to visit right time. In this article, we explain to you which is the best time to visit Mussorie with your family 


The summer month is started on a march to June. The beauty of the destination is more beautiful even on hot days. The days are hot but nights are cooler and bright. Try to book your resort at the peak because they are perfect for embracing the scenic exploders from your window or balcony.


The winter month is started on November to February. Winter is really cold so a proper pack of woollen cloth when you are planning to visit the Mussoorie in snowfall time. If you are a nature lover who just wants to drive natural beauty at this time you can admire awe-inspiring nature pictures of nature.


Lover just wants to dive into natural beauty at this time you can admire the awe-inspiring picture of nature. As far as years ago you will see the mountain covered with white snow makes November and February the best time to visit Mussoorie

The Monsoon 

Mussoorie is the monsoon season just like heaven on earth. From the month of July to September, the climate gets misty the tree and plants after the rain becomes greener and sightseeing comes at its best. If you are looking for peace and mist whether it's the best time to visit Mussoorie in the monsoon season. It is a good choice for those who are looking for a romantic  time with their girlfriend