If you’re thinking about buying a concrete mixer pump, you ought to consider purchasing one from a manufacturer operating out of China. There are many advantages made available from Chinese manufacturers. With that in mind, not all China-based manufacturers offer excellent prices or quality. With this post, we shall discuss the way you should go about picking the right concrete mixer pump manfuacturer for purchasing a concrete mixer pump in China.

Which are the specifications you desire?

Prior to going shopping, you should finalize the specifications you will need for your mixer pump. These pumps can be purchased in wide-ranging capacities, types, designs and a great deal of other parameters. When you haven’t finalized the specifications before you start trying to find such pumps, it will likely be a challenging time to suit your needs.


Some companies have added lots of features to their products simply to differentiate yourself from your competition and in case you’re unsure regarding the specifications, you could possibly purchase features you don’t need. Obviously, those features cost a ton of money and if you’re not gonna use those features, there is not any sense in investing in them.

Some important what exactly you need to finalize are the capacity from the aimix concrete mixer pump, maximum vertical and horizontal distance it could cover, maximum aggregate size it can handle, power of your motor, simplicity of operation, ease of maintenance, easy cleaning, and also other similar things.


What about after-sales service?

Many individuals don’t really understand the value of after-sales service but once you have bought a product, you may quickly realize why it’s crucial that you research this aspect before placing your order using a manufacturer in China.

These pumps handle concrete which results in many wear. Obviously, you need to replace some components as a result of regular wear. Here is where after-sales service becomes so important. Firms that don’t mind concerning their customers do not have a solid network to provide replacement parts or service technicians.

If you buy this pompa beton portable dijual from a such company along with a component is damaged, you are going to obviously struggle to find a replacement. This is why factors to consider that this company delivers a strong service network and quality replacement parts are often available at an affordable price.

What exactly is the standing of the business?

There are millions of manufacturers in China offering a myriad of products but not every them cherish their reputation. The truth is, many sellers posing as manufacturers on online portals are simply middlemen.

They would like to come up with a quick buck at the fee for unsuspecting customers. They don’t really care about their customers. This can be why should you dig deeper to discover the standing of the business which is selling the pump.

Communicate with the salesperson and make them provide some client references. You may also desire to make them give you a video tour of your manufacturing facility. It will help in establishing they are a real company instead of a middleman.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many great things about buying a concrete mixer pump coming from a company operating out of China. However, its not all companies based in China are designed for producing high quality products which last a long time. This is why you ought to shop around. Begin by finalizing your specifications and judge a company which includes an outstanding reputation and is recognized for impeccable after-sales service.