Mumbai is the dream city of India where every fertility treatment's success rates are also dream-like. The success rates here are so high that very rarely failures happen. Even when they happen the reasons are mostly the infertile eggs and sperm. The surrogacy cost in Mumbai is also the reason for everyone to come to this place. The Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai is really reasonable and affordable. Not everyone can afford it but people in need will always know this is the reasonable price they can have.

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As everyone knows surrogacy is a reproductive activity where the female partner cannot carry and deliver the baby. Therefore, another woman takes the female partner’s place. Though no one has to worry as in the end the parental rights are the couple’s not the surrogate’s.

What is the surrogacy process in Mumbai?

Everyone should know the surrogacy procedure before going through surrogacy. First of all, not everyone can have surrogacy in India. Only when couples are going through severe infertility can they have surrogacy in Mumbai?

Next, the surrogacy process starts with the medical examination of the surrogate to know if her body is fit for the pregnancy. Then a consultant gives counselling to the couple to prepare their minds. The third step is always to get your legal agreement.

The fourth step has the IVF process where the doctors collect and combine the couple’s gametes. This is to form an embryo. Once the embryo is here the doctor will insert it into the female uterus.
In two weeks the pregnancy result will come.

What is surrogacy cost in Mumbai?

After the process, everyone wants to know the surrogacy charges in Mumbai. First of all, they should know that India follows the altruistic form of surrogacy where no surrogate mother cost in Mumbai is legal. A surrogate needs compensation in commercial surrogacy which has a ban in India.

Next, the surrogacy price in Mumbai is flexible. In some centres, you can have the treatment at a low cost. In others the treatment costs are sky-high.

Only at World Fertility Services the surrogacy price is INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. This is a reasonable price. It is neither low nor high. It is not low because this centre has used advanced technology for successful outcomes. And it is not high because they know how precious money is.

Can we lower the surrogacy cost in Mumbai?

Everyone wants to lower their surrogacy cost in Mumbai by applying or during some remedy. But is it really possible? No, surrogacy prices cannot raise or fall with some remedy of the patients.

All the patient can do is to make sure their health is at the right level. If they are not healthy then there will be several illnesses. How nowadays people are struggling with high blood pressure and diabetes.

When the health is fit of the couple’s then their gametes have a high chance of still being fertile. For this, the couple must let go of their addictions such as smoking and drinking alcohol. If they can then they must add light exercises to their schedule.

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What affects the surrogacy cost in Mumbai?

As previously said surrogacy cost is flexible, there are factors that can increase or decrease it. The surrogacy cost in India Mumbai has the number one factor that generally increases it, ‘donor eggs and sperm.’

When the couple does not have healthy eggs and sperm, doctors recommend the use of donor gametes. Sometimes the need of advance treatments to use also rises because of infertility issues.

Other than this, there is the price of medical tests and medicines. Doctors can only give an approximate total cost of it, as only at the end do they know what tests were performed and what needs to be performed.

Which centre provides the best surrogacy cost in Mumbai?

As only the best Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai can provide the treatment with high success everyone wants to know the name of it. World Fertility Services is that centre.

Only at World Fertility Services can a patient receive a decent surrogacy amount. Even then there will not be any flaw in the treatments. The advanced technology of this centre is the number one reason for the treatments to go on in flow.

The staff members take care of the patients. The doctors all have high experience and different expertise. Their services and facilities are also top-notch.

What are the issues in surrogacy in Mumbai?

Every treatment has some issues. Surrogacy is not different from them at this point. Surrogacy has some issues too though they are minor.

First of all the number one issue is that the baby is separated in this process from a woman who gave birth to that baby. Surrogates can go into depression if the couples do not take care of them properly.

Other than this, sometimes the surrogate losses the ability to bear a child in her womb. That is why India has a rule that only a mother who has children can be a surrogate.

Is the surrogate baby normal?

After knowing that surrogacy has some flaws too, the next question everyone is usually to know if the surrogate baby is the same as the normal-born baby.

They should know only the pregnancy procedure has changed, the baby will still be the same. It is very rare that the baby is weaker or shows signs of disability. Even then the baby is yours; disability does not change this fact.

Next, the surrogate baby is genetically related to the couple. Only the couple has parental rights to the baby. The surrogate cannot take away the baby. And the couple can reassure that the baby will look like you.

What are the chances of failure?

The chance of failure means the opposite of success in surrogacy. At World Fertility Services people will not just get a low-cost surrogacy in Mumbai; instead, they will have success too.

The surrogacy success rate at World Fertility Services is the highest; the reason has already been discussed.

The chance of failure only appears when the patients do not follow the instructions of the doctors. 

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