In today's age of modernization and digitalization, most people prefer to shop for food, grocery, clothes, and more online. The pandemic has increased the demand for groceries and food delivery. And thanks the technology as it helped brands to sustain themselves in tough situations and cater to the growing demand effectively. One best example of this is Beelivery, which has revolutionized the UK grocery market. In this article, we're going to describe what Beelivery grocery delivery is, why and how to create an app like Beelivery, and more.


Beelivery grocery delivery app enables customers to order groceries across the UK and get them delivered on the same day. A mobile app like Beelivery makes it possible for humans to steer clear of any unnecessary contact. The grocery delivery platform ensures that all the grocery needs are met with expert supervision. If you don't know about the grocery delivery player and why invest in Beelivery clone, read the blog to get all your queries solved.


What is Beelivery?

Launched in 2015, Beelivery is the UK market leader in on-demand grocery delivery. The company provides 24/7 services to most cities and towns across the UK. The online grocery delivery platform harnesses the power of the local community; it has partnered with more than 50,000 independent, registered delivery drivers who are on hand to purchase and deliver your groceries straight to your door.


Fast shop delivery service, Beelivery enables its users to get food, drinks, and essentials delivered to their door in 15 to 60 minutes. Beelivery is presently delivering around 90% of UK households, making the grocery delivery service with the most heightened coverage in the UK.


Users just have to enter the postcode on the website or app to know whether the company delivers to their location. If the company is providing the service in users' locations, they can select the item to place the order. They can even track the order through the app. The order is delivered to the customer's location within an hour.  


Success Story and Funding History of Beelivery

Founded by Yazan Bin Mohammad and Lee Parkinson, Beelivery grocery delivery offers two convenient delivery options: rapid delivery within 45 minutes and same-day delivery. It offers a grocery delivery service at the lowest price in the UK and delivers essential products, including bakery items, fish, milk, bread, eggs, meat, and more. The delivery cost is around £3.50 with a £0.49 service charge.


Statista report shows that in 2022, over 5% of online grocery users agreed that they have heard about Beelivery through advertising, social media, and other media. Around 20% know the brand from 25% at the time of the survey, as there is a buzz around Beelivery in the UK. Almost 5% of online grocery delivery users say they love Beelivery, while 4% use it in the UK, while 2% say they're likely to use the grocery delivery platform again.


Beelivery caters to 90% of the entire nation's needs; all this has been made possible by crowd-sourcing from around 20,000 drivers. The concept is to ensure that within a 0.5-mile radius of each potential customer, there must be one driver to deliver the groceries or daily essentials from the nearest local grocery store in less than 15 minutes. 


Paul Gott, chief operating officer at Beelivery, talked about the future of shopping and stated that the dark stores wouldn't conquer grocery delivery. He also reveals some points about the battle of UK delivery slots and supermarkets.


UK-based Beelivery grocery delivery in 2021 bagged around £4.5 million investment to strengthen its position as a leader in the delivery market segment. The investment round was led by GreenBank Capital Inc and UKTV Ventures, a merchant banking business listed on the Canadian Securities Exchanges.


The fresh fund let Beelivery accelerate the business strategy as it desires to gain 450,000 new customers in the next two years. Beelivery grocery delivery connects the customer to nearby delivery stores. The platform uses advanced algorithms, a unique platform, and GPS technology. The future of Beelivery is bright as it continues to build and invest in modern technologies to improve the delivery experience for delivery drivers and customers.


Beelivery is seeking 5000 drivers, including new recruits in Harrogate. It will double the number over the coming years. The grocery delivery firm has started to recruit drivers. The grocery delivery announced it hired 20,000 staff last September, taking its headcount to 40,000 by Christmas; the figure is 50,000 and is set to rise to 100,000 by 2023.


The company guarantees fast delivery across the UK. Looking at the success of the grocery delivery platform, many are thinking of investing in the Beelivery clone. The feature-rich platform enables grocery businesses to automate all their business activities and manage them effectively right through one place. Wondering how to build a grocery delivery app similar to Beelivery or how much it costs? Get in touch to solve your queries right today at: [email protected].


How to Make an App Similar to Beelivery?

The grocery market size online in 2021 was valued at 285.70 billion. The grocery market is expected to grow at a 25% CAGR between 2022 and 2030. Changing the shopping preference of customers during COVID-19 spread and unabated growth in the eCommerce sector are expected to drive market growth. The myriad options for payments and contactless delivery assurance of the grocery order by grocers contribute to market growth.

With technological advancement and growing demand, many grocery businesses are considering building grocery delivery apps similar to Beelivery. But they need to understand that stealing people's attention is not easy; they need to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app with all features and functionalities. There are many things that you need to consider during the Beelivery clone development process; these include:



It's the first and most crucial step, as you can't enter the market without knowing it. Ensure to research the market trends, competitors, targeted audience, etc. Also, get data on the behaviors patterns, goals, and demographics; this helps you come up with a successful business plan.



Once knowing how salty water is, means how competitive the market is and what your targeted customers demand, it's time to select features and the overall look of the app. Prototyping plays an important role in the app development process as it helps you mark the essentials.



UI/UX of your platform, similar to beelivery grocery delivery, plays a vital role in engaging people to order more or come back. Hence once the prototype is confirmed, move ahead with the design phase. Take care of the UI/UX of your grocery delivery app as it contributes to the overall user experience.



Once completing the app development process, it's time to move to the development process. Develop an error-free and bug-free app using the modern technology of your choice.


Testing & Launching

After completing the development phase, it's time to check the platform's bugs, technical errors, and glitches of the app like Beelivery. Once you complete app testing, it's time to launch your grocery delivery solution online.


If you don't have sufficient time to go through the process and want a ready-to-use grocery delivery app similar to Beelivery, White Label Fox is always ready to help you. Get a quote to comprehend how much it costs to build a Beelivery clone, what features are included in the app, and more right away.


Beelivery Clone: Must Have Features of Grocery Delivery App

There are lots of must-have features of the grocery delivery app similar to Beelivery. If you're thinking of creating a feature-rich grocery delivery app for your business, then check the list of must-have features right below:


Sign Up and Login

To make the registration and sign-in process easier, integrate the sign-up and sign-in features into the grocery delivery platform. Make sure the registration and login process is straightforward. You can offer multiple options such as email, mobile number, social media, and so on.



Beelivery features multiple products on websites, such as wine, frozen foods, bakery products, etc. If you're also looking to launch your grocery delivery business online, then never miss offering product search functionality to the users. With these features, users are allowed to search for the product they wish to order.



Enable customers to track the delivery provider in real-time, and help them have an estimated grocery delivery time.


Schedule a Delivery

Offer the users the convenience of receiving the order on the date and time they want. Users can pick the time and date through the scheduled delivery option of the grocery delivery app.


Multiple Payment Options

Enable users to make payments for the services through the method they prefer. Enables users to make payments through credit/debit or cash. Integrating multiple payment options enables your potential users to choose the best-suited payment method.


Customers’ Review and Feedback

Enable customers to share the experience with the vendor or delivery providers in the form of reviews and feedback. Encourage users to share feedback on a grocery delivery app, helping you to improve the app's features, performance, etc., enabling you to make the platform useful for the users.


Cost of Developing App Like Beelivery: Which Factors Affect it?

Want to build a delivery anything app? Wondering about how much you have to pay to make an app similar to Beelivery? The answer is very simple, the cost to develop the platform depends on various factors like:


Business Model

You can opt for different business models while creating an app like Beelivery. You can choose a business model that fits the budget and consider the future perspective to know whether you can follow it throughout. Different business models that you can consider for Beelivery Clone development are as follows:

  • Aggregator model
  • Marketplace model
  • Exceptional store
  • Grocery successions


Technology Stack

Technology and platform selection also affect the development costs of a platform like Beelivery. You can choose to build an app for Android and iOS or choose to go for anyone depending on your budget.


There are many aspects that affect the development cost, like visual prototyping, backend development, UI/UX design, testing, etc. You can invest in a ready-to-use Beelivery clone to launch your grocery delivery app at a reasonable price.


Ending Note

Beelivery is a grocery delivery app that has gained huge popularity among a large group in recent years. The working strategy and business model of Beelivery have encouraged many startups to build a similar platform. If you wish to launch your grocery delivery business online, White Label Fox is always ready to help you.